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Big Daddy Graphics began in the summer of 1994 as a bare-bones print shop in the basement of the family home.  Our shop was comprised of a small, 4-head press and a homemade lightbox to expose screens.  Since those meager days, Big Daddy Graphics has become a screen print design and production house with a retail store and central office at 121 Burlingwood Drive and a production facility on Eckel Road, both in Perrysburg, Ohio. 


We began and still operate as a family-based business dedicated to the community we serve by ensuring high-quality printed and embroidered sportswear at reasonable prices.  As a locally-owned, family-run business, we pride ourselves in providing personal service via personable engagement with our customers-turned-friends.  We believe that the better you know us, and the better we know you, the more satisfied you will be with our product time and again. 


Welcome to Big Daddy Graphics, where we care about you and your business needs!

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